Thank you to Allie Schmidt, founder of Disability Dame for this detailed and insightful review where she explores the features of the KnowYourMeds app, how it works and what she finds most useful for her readers.

How the Med Tracker App KnowYourMeds is Revolutionizing Patient Care

Are you sick of wading through piles of papers hoping to find the results of your pulmonary exam that you took six years ago?

Do you wish that all of your medical history was easily accessible from the palm of your hand?

Look no further than KnowYourMeds.

If you’re living with a chronic illness, you know how painstaking it is to keep your medical records organized, much less track your medications and symptoms. KnowYourMeds is a breakthrough app with the goal of helping patients track medications and side effects.

According to the company, “KnowYourMeds is a digital health app that uses the world’s largest database of suspected side/adverse effects along with AI-driven insights to inform patients and improve health outcomes through better adherence, early identification of drug interactions and early detection of potential medication errors.”

The company is dedicated to bridging the gap between patient health and medical data.

What’s so Great about KnowYourMeds?

Glad you asked…

KnowYourMeds makes it convenient for you to manage your health through benefits like:

  • The app is connected to government databases like the CDC and WHO, so you have the most up-to-date information on medication side effects and adverse reactions.
  • They partner with GoodRx, so you can find discounts directly from your app.
  • You can easily add your children or dependents, so you can manage your family’s health all in one place.
  • They have a PubMed Central research tab, so you can explore the latest scientific research on your condition.
  • It has a calendar that helps you remember when you last took your medicine.
  • It easily syncs with Apple Health to cut down on the amount of information you have to manually enter.

Because of my specific medical condition, I don’t actually have the opportunity to try different medications. However, I do take a lot of vitamins and think this app will be helpful in keeping track of those.

Here’s how it works…

Read the full review here: How the Med Tracker App KnowYourMeds is Revolutionizing Patient Care

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