Imagine that you are an astronaut—experiencing both exhilaration and nervousness while rocketing into a new frontier.

What helps to reduce the nervousness? Knowing that Mission Control has the real-time flight data to keep you as safe as possible.

Business and HR leaders have that same combination of feelings as they reopen their workplaces during COVID-19.

They’re excited to rev up the camaraderie, collaboration and creativity that comes from being together in person.

Yet, they may lie awake thinking about how to ensure employees’ and customers’ safety during the pandemic.

Vaccinations—even as they become more available–present only a partial answer to everyone’s concerns.

At this writing, only about 15% of the U.S. population has been vaccinated, and more than one-quarter of workers (28%) responding to a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey never intend to receive a vaccine.

Leaders Regaining Confidence with Data

How can leaders move forward with confidence given these statistics? How can they maximize safety—and inspire employees’ trust—when so much about testing and vaccination is out of their control?

Just like with the astronauts, the availability of data can empower and reassure leaders. Having information on who has been tested, vaccinated and is symptom-free, and who plans on receiving a vaccine, can enable them to temporarily change people’s hours or physical locations to keep everyone out of harm’s way.

But how can these leaders gain a clear view into the data—especially if they have employees in multiple locations across the country?

Accessing Enterprise-Wide Data in Real Time

New AI-driven technology platforms are making critical vaccination data transparent.

These platforms are configured to reflect organizations’ unique return-to-work policies, and incorporate:

  • A Digital Health Assistant (mobile app) that prompts employees to record their COVID-19 vaccines, tests, side effects and vital signs
  • A reporting portal for monitoring employees’ compliance, based on the data entered through the app, which reveals:
    • Whether employees have been vaccinated or plan to receive a vaccine(s)
    • Whether they have applied for an exemption, why, and if/when that exemption has been granted
    • Any vaccination side effects employees have experienced
    • Whether they have been tested for COVID-19, what kind of test they took and what the results were
    • Vital signs, such as temperatures and oxygen levels

Using these platforms, employers can quickly pull up multiple dashboard reports, and discover and take action on any potential safety risks (such as vaccinated and unvaccinated staff sitting together in close quarters).

Customizable filters let them monitor specific locations or divisions, and evaluate where adjustments could be made to improve safety for all.

Boosting Employees’ Confidence

Not only does all this data give employers confidence; it can help workers feel more confident, too—knowing that leadership considers their wellbeing to be a priority.

Indeed, the technology brings the whole organization together, with everyone claiming a stake in their collective safety. The Digital Health Assistant is more than a vehicle for employee monitoring. It’s also an educational tool—meant to help employees understand what their organization is doing to ensure that they can re-enter their workspaces worry-free.

The KnowYourMeds Solution

Know-Your-Meds has rolled out its own Safe Return-to-Work Solution to help employers ensure compliance with its pandemic-related vaccine policies.

The solution builds on the technology behind KnowYourMeds’ flagship AI-driven platform to help employees manage more than 130 health conditions and related medication regimens. Employers can choose to integrate the Safe Return-to-Work solution with this more comprehensive app or use it on a standalone basis. For more information, please contact us here.

Rocketing Toward New Frontiers

However leaders harness technologies like these, their existence is a game changer—giving them an unobstructed window into the workplace so they can launch themselves into a “new normal” environment, with confidence.

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