KnowYourMeds Director of Product Development Shwetika Kumar

Shwetika Kumar

Director Of Product Development

Shwetika is an electronics engineer with a master's in Electrical and Computer Science from Boston University. With 11 years of work experience in product development in healthcare spanning the US and India, Shwetika brings a creative perspective to any product. She has had the opportunity to work on some very cutting edge products in startups spun out of MIT and Stanford - from emotion AI based sensors to detect sympathetic nervous system responses in children over the autism spectrum, night vision camera sensors in automobiles for pedestrian detection to foot-operated electronic infant resuscitation devices for rural India.

Before joining KnowYourmeds, Shwetika co-founded Matrikas Inc - a health startup on a mission to democratize women's reproductive health by building non-invasive reproductive health tools like point-of-care cervical cancer screening device for low resource settings. She won several awards for this idea in addition to being a finalist in MassChallenge 2016 and Grand Challenges 2017. Shwetika is also passionate about mental health and is currently working on a mental wellness project to address the issue of student suicides in India. This project is incubated at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi.