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for your health.

Drug information, interactions, condition management and more. This digital health assistant does it all.

for your health.

Drug information, interactions, conditions management and more. This digital health assistant does it all.

First, a little about you.

A little background about you will help us accurately tailor suggestions for you. Details like ethnicity, place of birth and more can prove helpful in assessing your medical profile better. Don't worry, we promise never to share your information.

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Then, your medicines.

Tell us what you're taking, the medical condition, and your dosage and schedule. We'll then send out pill reminders, prescription refill reminders, and update you about the latest FDA warnings and recalls.

Tell us about your medical condition.

Here's where we get to the depth of your medical condition. What are you currently suffering from? For how long? When did you last get it checked? How has it affected your vitals? We take into consideration all this information so we can prompt the right health suggestions for you.

We take all this
and we connect the dots.

Now that you have informed us about your medical condition, medications and side effects, we take all this information and route in through our database and then provide specific inputs related to your health conditions.


Conditions management done right.

Living with a medical condition means following your doctor's advice - taking your drugs on time, refilling your prescriptions, having regular checkups and most importantly, keeping an eye on your own health. Depending on your condition, you will be advised to keep track of things like your weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate and numerous other vitals.

This information is crucial as it helps your doctor give you the best treatment possible. At KnowYourMeds, we'll help you keep track of all these necessary vitals that are related to your medical condition.


Caring for your dependents with

An elderly parent, spouse, child or a friend - we all have someone that we care about. With KnowYourMeds you’re able to build profiles for your loved ones to keep track of their medications, schedules, side effects and vital signs.

* Premium features are available on the KnowYourMeds App with a monthly/yearly subscription.


High on health benefits.
Easy on your pocket.

KnowYourMeds premium plan offers features that ensure you get the right support and guidance on the journey to good health for you and your loved ones. Designed to help improve health outcomes for people living with one or more chronic conditions.

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Customized for you, KnowYourMeds is the digital health assistant to help you keep track of your medications, side effects, vitals and much more.

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