At KnowYourMeds, we believe that an informed patient is a healthier patient.

KnowYourMeds was created as a social enterprise to provide this much needed service worldwide. Our mission is to build a comprehensive database for the common good of patients worldwide to help keep them informed on the side effects/adverse effects of medications, medication/food/drink interactions, as well as to create groups of people by various factors (age, gender, ethnicity, disease, etc.) to help provide the most complete source of medication information available to users.

We created the KnowYourMeds app to proactively provides users with the most comprehensive information on the side effects/adverse effects of medications, medication interactions, effects of diet and life style, and related research that is specific to each patient, as well as a unique and up-to-date database of user-reported adverse effects/side effects .

We believe this will help patients suffering from side effects/adverse effects and those who wish to be better informed about their medications; family members who wish to be informed on behalf of their relatives; medical professionals who need to be kept up to date on adverse effects/side effects and potential interactions; caregivers (e.g. nurses) monitoring their patients; lifestyle professionals (e.g. dieticians) who need to be educated on the latest developments and stay informed; and many more. KnowYou

KnowYourMeds provides you with the latest developments related to your prescribed medications – new competitive options, new reported side effects, and other user’s reported experiences. KnowYourMeds helps you stay up-to-date with information about the medications you are taking, and get information about those medications might interact with you diet and lifestyle.