Just $1.99/month* will leave
you feeling like a million dollars.
KnowYourMeds premium comes in two different plans.
But with one single agenda: to offer you complete medical assistance.
Here's more about its features and price structure:

Monthly Plan
$1.99 USD
Monthly Subscription
A monthly auto-renewing subscription with access to all premium features.

Annual Plan
$19.99 USD
Yearly Subscription
A yearly auto -renewing subscription with access to all premium features.
Try KnowYourMeds
Premium free for 60 Days.
Only $1.99/month after.*
Available for free on
iOS and Android devices
* Terms and conditions apply.
Open only to users who haven't already tried Premium.
Frequently Asked Questions (Premium Subscription FAQs)
1. Does the premium feature work for dependents residing in a different country?

Yes. The premium feature works irrespective of where your dependent resides as currently the feature is limited to you getting notifications on behalf of your dependent (s). We will soon be launching enhancements to the dependent management feature where your dependent will be able to download a lite grison of the app and get notifications on their phone. you as a primary user will be able to control what they see and will get notifications if you're dependent (s) have missed a dose of their medication or did not complete tasks on their agenda. This feature will be free for your dependent.

2. Can I switch over from Monthly to Yearly Subscription?

Yes you can switch at any point. You will be charged a one time yearly subscription fee as soon as you switch plans however your yearly subscription will kick in th only when the current month is over. This way you do not lose any days when you switch plans.

3. Can I cancel my yearly subscription after few months of use?

Yes, you can. However, we encourage you to use the app for the remaining duration of your yearly subscription as the yearly subscription is a one time non refundable fee. Therefore, as a courtesy we keep your account on file so that your can reactivate your subscription we keep your account until the year is up.