Safe Return to Work Solution

It’s Time to Reopen the Workplace — Safely!

Need Help Preparing for the

Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout?

Use the Safe Return-to-Work Solution to educate your employees on company guidelines and policies regarding vaccinations, testing and managing health concerns. The Safe Return-to-Work Solution includes:

  • Covid-19 related return to work policies configured to meet your requirements
  • Covid-19 module for employees to learn about, record and monitor vaccines, testing, vitals and side effects
  • Personalized communications that include where and how to access testing and vaccination providers
  • A reporting portal to help you monitor overall employee compliance

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The Solution

In addition to monitoring vaccines, testings, vitals and side-effects, this integrated solution includes the following features:

  • A health assistant that goes beyond Covid
  • Health engagement reporting portal
  • Personalized engagement based on your employee actions and inactions

The Value

The KnowYourMeds Safe Return-to-Work Solution allows employers to:

  • Manage business risk
  • Engage employees
  • Enable compliance
  • Monitor real-time results

Privacy & Security

Running in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment, the Safe Return-to-Work solution is secure, scalable, and meets privacy requirements. It is HIPAA compliant. Employee participation is governed by explicit acceptance (or rejection) of an employer’s and KnowYourMeds data privacy and data sharing rules.

Legal disclaimer:

KnowYourMeds solutions are provided on an As Needed basis. They are not designed to provide medical diagnosis, advice, or treatment. Users should discuss any and all information received through these solutions with their physicians before making any medical decisions, including starting, stopping or modifying any medications or other treatments or care plans.

KnowYourMeds assumes no liability if the solutions fail to provide any guidance or provide incomplete or inaccurate guidance that may or may not result in any direct or indirect harm to the users or their family or any connections. 

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