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Transforming Telehealth for Hospitals and Health Systems

Bring the ease and convenience of telehealth to your hospital today with KnowYourMed’s innovative telehealth solution: integrating our digital health assistant with a secure and customizable web portal designed for hospitals

  • Intelligently engage both the patients and providers for optimal outcomes in a highly personalized manner
  • HIPAA compliance and end-to-end encryption to ensure patient data privacy and secure document exchange
  • Highly scalable cloud-based multi- tenant architecture
  • Improves clinical collaborations between clinicians and partners with chat rooms for small and large group chats
  • Enable enrollment of patients for short-term and long-term telehealth care plans

Digitally Assisted Doctor Patient Relationship for Life


Patient Onboarding

Multiple channels to onboard patient – KYM app, Whatsapp and a call to the hospital front desk.


Medically Relevant Engagement

Host of intelligent features built into the provider portal to assist a doctor in diagnosis and treatment, including remote monitoring and questionnaires customizable by the provider.

Telehealth & Doc Exchange

Facilitates chat, audio / video calls with recording / transcription and document exchange between the patient and the hospital. Patient information is intelligently summarized for triage and the provider.

Discharge Process

Digitally capture discharge medications, follow up instructions, tests and follow-up scheduling. Follow up regimen is digitized in the App for record keeping & to facilitate adherence.

Online Pharmacy

API integration to online pharmacy stores for purchases of drugs, tests or medical equipment.

Intelligent Monitoring of Patient’s Health

Customizable insights to provider or caregiver based on drug adherence, follow up regimen or escalating conditions.

How it will benefit your patients:

  • Easy scheduling of appointments with the hospital
  • Organize health history and medical records in one place
  • Guidance managing chronic conditions
  • Medication reminders to promote engagement and care plan adherence
  • Alerts for drug-drug, drug-dietary, drug-disease interactions, allergy related warnings and therapeutic duplications
  • Ability to keep track of health of loved ones in addition to one’s own with dependent management
  • Access to a network of online pharmacies for best discounts on medication, supplements and medical devices
  • Host of intelligent and highly customized prompts and alerts that help in staying on track

KYM encourages on-going patient-provider relationship that helps in:

  • Reducing readmissions and ER visits
  • Reducing overall cost of care
  • Increasing staff efficiency
  • Improving post discharge monitoring and care
  • Improving clinical collaboration with providers and partners
  • Increasing patient and/or caregiver satisfaction and engagement
  • Improving provider workflow and morale
  • Improving access to care in rural areas
  • Increasing referrals and in-network utilization

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